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First: I wanted to see how dontates works.

Second: I want to make a a challenge, and I need points for prizes.

That's really all...

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Doing the 20 art styles challenge, and I need art styles! 
Halp! :D
23 deviations
Turtle Bio
An OC from PsychoKittyPants because I needed a icon for DeviantArt and they where awesome and made a design for me. :3

And I named them Turtle because the little symbols on the coat looks like a turtle. And I just like turtles. 
The Celtic god of awes-
I mean that bard guy

XD Anyways.
So in short (because the whole story is weird) Ceridwen got mad at Gwion-Bach (one of her servants), he tried to escape by turning into grain of wheat, and then Ceridwen him (after turning into a chicken). Nine days later she gave birth to Taliesin (who, like any NORMAL person narrated his own birth...some how). Who was the reincarnation of Gwion-Bach. 

Ceridwen, reasonably annoyed that the guy she wanted dead was back, chucked the baby away. He was then save and adopted by Elphin, who named him Taliesin. Now the reason for Taliesin's name is pretty funny XD
Taliesin mean 'shining brow'. I'd like to point out at this point, Taliesin had just recited a poem. But no, ignore the fact that it's a weird talking baby IT HAS A SHINY FOREHEAD! Then again, I guess there wasn't any cool names that mean 'weird baby that can somehow talk'. 
Later on he does some other stuff, but this is the funny part, and I'm to lazy to type it all up.

Just read this:…
Wow! I've been on here for a year! :D

Now what do I do to celebrate.... XD
Le Redraw
A redraw of this:…

Also I'm stilly trying to get en exact design for Berry (I like this shirt though :happybounce: )
Them Silly Humans
The original meme is here

First of the oc from PsychoKittyPants finally got a name! (Jahdiel) :happybounce: 

The sexuality and romanticism part was hard 'cause you could show what it really was and I didn't know the answer for most of them CURSE YOU! 
So if you want to know
comment saying so
Iglybo's Gersemi
The design belongs to Iglybo

I tried drawing a new pose.

I failed. XD Oh well, I at least had fun and I hope you like it.
Iglybo's Hnoss
Yeeeee first commission! :D This was so much fun to make!

The design belongs to Iglybo (…) who was super awesome and let me draw her character! 

I'm really sorry if it isn't the  best, I tried a new pose and this character's design is basically everything I'm bad at drawing. XD I enjoyed the challenge. 
This Rock is a Good Rock (Plus Markus)
Just updating Markus's design (mostly just the hair). 

When you realize the title is a reference to the tiny rock in the corner that you can barely see. :happy: 
I'm re-working my commissions, and I was wondering how many points you all think my art is worth. So far, I'm keeping them at 20 points.
Le Trust
Look at me trying to draw fire like a big boy. Meow :3 
And I finally did something for the group! Whoop! I was going to write it, but I've been having some really bad writer's block. So you get to see Israel with his hair down, and now he looks even more like a girl. I am a dummy! 

Tapu: Mahvash (A Persian name meaning 'moon-like')  
Owner: Me (Le ShmityTheShmoo)
Handler: Israel 'still looks like a girl' Talcott 


ShmityTheShmoo's Profile Picture
Captain Awesome
50% Bacon, 100% comedian

PS: I can't request critics, but would like some, so please leave tips and suggestions in the comments.
....The first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone....

I commented on two of these things before reading the 'putting me in the first spot' part. So I was super confused on how I was going to do this. Then I realized. I could do TWO of these, and then put on person on the first for one, and the other in the first for the second! And I'd get to put up more art. Best plan I've ever had. 

1. sir-hattington
 (Does this count as art? Because it's awesome XD)


Non-Cartoon Shoulders up
Pay with Points please
Cartoon pictures
Pay with points please :3
Red line OC Sketches
Pay with points please :3
Pay with points please :3
Lineless Art
Pay with points please :3


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